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Blog - What is the best treatment for piles

So, what is the best treatment for piles?

Firstly, you need to establish that it is in fact piles/haemorrhoids that you are actually suffering from. To avoid the embarrassment of discussing it with their partner, let alone going to their GP about it, most people self diagnose piles. They find a bit of blood on their toilet paper, have the odd twinge of pain down below, or perhaps some itchiness, and assume its piles. Others suffer quite a lot, often for years, with regular blood loss and extreme discomfort, and simply assume that its piles which are causing the problem. Not wishing to alarm anyone, but this could be a serious misjudgement, sometimes even fatal. There are a number of conditions with similar symptoms, some rather more sinister, and often more dangerous than piles, including cancer, and you should get it checked out. At least ask your GP to take a look, but preferably seek the advice of a colorectal surgeon who can properly examine you and definitively rule out anything else going on down there. It most probably is piles, but why take the chance for the sake of a simple examination?

So, it is haemorrhoids, what now?

Well, the most suitable treatment for you will depend upon the nature of your symptoms and this will generally be determined by the severity of your condition. Piles are defined in grades, Grades 1-4, and often that will determine what treatment is best for you. The diagram opposite shows the four grades. The symptoms from lower grade piles can often be helped with milder therapy such as creams, whereas higher grade piles would need greater intervention. Either way, whilst creams might numb the effects of lower grade piles, they are unlikley to 'cure' them. 


What is the best treatment available?

If we accept that creams and suppositories will simply numb the painful sypmtoms of piles, they won't actually cure them, then we have to look for a treatment that will not only stop those painful, and often messy, symptoms immediately, but will stop them coming back. There are many treatment options available today, but the newest, and the one revolutionising the way we treat haemorrhoids, is The Rafaelo Procedure. Widely offered throughout the UK, and even more so across the world, the Rafaelo Procedure is now being offered by a growing number of colorectal surgeons and adopted by a growing number of hospitals, private and NHS, nationally. It is, in the vast majority of cases, a one time treatment, stopping your symptoms forever. It can be carried out under local anaesthetic, in under 15 minutes, and your symptoms should stop immediately, allowing you to resume your daily activities more or less straight away. Don't take our word for it, here is an artcile from The Mirror, describing peoples true life experiences - CLICK HERE - or read some of the dozens of testimonials from Surgeon and Patient alike - CLICK HERE.

Date posted - 16 April 2023

Author - The Rafaelo Team

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