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About Modern Aesthetic Solutions

Modern Aesthetic Solutions was formed in 2010 on a mission to transform the way medical conditions can be treated using state of the art technology, improving outcomes, increasing efficiencies and reducing downtime for patients. Hospital theatres are bogged down with time consuming, labour intensive treatment methods, inevitably causing ever increasing waiting lists amongst an ever increasing population.

The aim was to give surgeons more options, enabling them to offer their patient the most suitable and least invasive treatment based on their specific symptoms and requirements. Still, many NHS hospitals are limited to the treatment options they have available and all too often the patient is made to undergo treatment far more invasive than is necessary, causing more post operative pain and a longer recovery.

By changing the way patients are treated, we are not only able to improve efficiencies within hospitals, saving NHS funds, but they can hope for lasting results with minimal discomfort.

Our Focus

Our main focus has been the introduction of treatment techniques which all utilise the safe and reliable technology known as ‘radiofrequency thermocoagulation’. A high frequency heat energy is applied to the treatment area through a range of applicators, depending upon what needs to be treated and where. The outcome is the same, a quicker procedure with less risk of complication and recurrence; reduced treatment costs and a vastly improved pathway for the patient; generally less time off work enabling quicker resumption of normal daily activities.

We have to date introduced new treatment options within the Colorectal and Vascular specialities, able to deal with many types of uncomfortable and unsightly vascular conditions, plus a range of treatment options to deal with haemorrhoids (piles) and fistulas – suffered secretly by so many who, for years, have avoided treatment due to their fear of the pain traditionally suffered. Now, more and more are coming forward for treatment in the knowledge that these new treatment options can avoid unnecessary post operative pain and downtime. New applications of this technology are constantly being developed for other conditions across a range of specialities.

Progress to date

Just in the past 6 years, we have successfully installed our technology in over 80 hospitals and clinics across the UK, from Torbay in the South to Hexham in the North, including a rapidly growing number of NHS sites. We will continue to introduce new applications and we will continue to train more surgeons, our aim being to ensure that everyone will have access to these improved treatment options at their local hospital, wherever that may be.

But it doesn’t stop there. Our new website has been developed to help you find out more about the treatments themselves or to find your nearest practitioner but if you wish to speak to one of our dedicated patient support team, in confidence, who have full knowledge of all that we do, they are here to personally assist you on your journey.

Thank you,
Adam Rubens