NEW – Report on the use of EVRF for the safe and effective (outpatient) treatment of all grades of Haemorrhoids – by Dr Thomas Klos, Dr Marek Batijewski Kriocentrum, Poland (Dec 2014) – Download

NEW – Case Study – The application of radiofrequency as endovenous ablation therapy of the VSM has meanwhile established itself as a method for minimal invasive treatment of venous/arterial insufficiencies. Since the insufficient saphenous vein is not also treated in the process, we wanted to investigate how extensive the heat generation of the probe tip is and whether there is a possibility to also treat those insufficient veins endoveneously without damaging the Vena femoralis. Conducted by Dr. C. Czuprin and others at Klinikum Stuttgart,Department of Vascular Surgery, St. Catherine Hospital, Cologne, Germany. – Download

NEW – NICE Guidelines, published July 2013, showing preference for thermal ablation – Download

NEW – Study using EVRF on 313 limbs over a 22 month period by Dr A Szabó MD, PhD – Semmelweis University Budapest, Hungary – Download

NEW – Study by Dr Sarah Thomis (University of Leuven, Belgium) using EVRF for the GSV on 40 patients – Download

Dr Thomis Testimonial – Download

Dr Szabo Testimonial – Download

Dr Szabo Clinical Study of 150 Cases (Oct 2012) – Download

Dr Pinon Clinical Trial – Download

Dr Thomis Initial Findings (March 2012) – Download

Dr Thomis FINAL REPORT (October 2012) – Download

CE Certificate for the EVRF – Download

CE Certificate for the EVRF catheter – Download

FCare ISO Certificate – Download

Risk Assessment – Download