FCare announce the introduction of their new HPR45i probes

FCare announce the introduction of their new HPR45i probes designed for and proven in the clinical treatment of Haemorrhoids.

“This new and improved method is easy to use and very effective on Haemorrhoids degree 1 – 4. Treatments can be done over several 15-20 minute sessions under local anesthesia. Patients hardly experience any pain post treatment so minimal postoperative care is required and a swift return to normal daily activity is possible. Clinical trials with this revolutionary method have been conducted by Dr Kłos and Dr Batijewski in the Kriocentrum in Otwock, Poland, on 160 patients and have proven the effectiveness of the HPR45i probe. The average number of sessions was 2 – 3 with a 95% reduction of the treated hemorrhoids. Most patients were very satisfied with the treatment and their instant relief of pain. They were able to return to their normal activities within 24 hours after the treatment”.

Whilst most vascular practitoners of the EVRF device might not conduct Haemorrhoid treatments, to have it available as yet another function of the device within a clinic or hospital facility simply adds to the value of the unit. Click here for initial study results.

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